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Moppy the MOPNess Monster!

Our teen art group wanted to create positivity pebbles and together we're building our MOPNess Monster.

Painting rocks and pebbles has many benefits. On the surface, it’s just another craft project to pass the time. At its core, it can help us heal and connect with others. Painting and decorating the pebbles is a mindfulness activity, which soothes and relaxes. Dopamine and serotonin are released whilst undertaking mindful

art activities. Hand-eye co-ordination

and fine motor skills are also improved.

A community bond is created when people add to the monster or find and share our rocks in an online community. There's a sense of connection that is created by several people engaging in the same activity. The positive messages on the pebbles and just the joy of discovering them, can give others in the community a mood boost too.

There's also the link to nature, being outside and coming along to the outdoor space at MOP, is good for the soul and your mental health.

One of the best things about MOP is our ability to create a sense of belonging. We'd love you to join in and find belonging with us by adding a positivity pebble the next time you visit us. Help spread the joy by sending photos to our social media.

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