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#MHAW Wild Swimming

Our Charity Development Officer, Janine, has been 'wild dooking' for several years now and really feels the benefits of the 'cold water therapy'. She doesn't always swim but just submerses herself in the cold water. She often goes locally to Aberdour or Kinghorn beaches but loves lochs and rivers, especially up north. There's the added benefit of being in nature as well as physical activity.

It's often a social thing as she goes with a group, even in the winter, and they sit and chat with a cup of something warm after the dip. In the water, her mind is focused on breathing and then looking about at the scenery. She feels a buzz when she comes out of the water which then changes to feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Wild swimming can beneficial in many ways including:

  • reducing stress and producing endorphins (happy hormones)

  • boosts blood flow which helps improve mood, cognitive function, concentration and memory

  • being physical, improving strength and stamina

  • reduces loneliness

  • reduces anxiety

  • creates time in nature

  • allows for mindfulness and being present in the moment

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