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#MHAW The benefits of gardening.

When Louise is not at work she likes to spend time in her garden. She loves to sit in it and watch her cats playing about and her dog, Skye, likes to play with them, chasing them around the garden or sitting beside Louise, just chilling.

She has recently bought a greenhouse to grow her own salads and vegetables. She has just started painting her fence which will be keeping her busy but relaxed at the same time.

Garden has a host of benefits for mental health and well-being.

  • It can help boost your vitamin-D levels

  • Boosts you physical health and is a form of exercise

  • Helps promote sleep

  • improves your memory and brain function

  • Decreases anxiety and improves happiness

  • Lowers your stress levels

  • Can boost your feeling of connection if you garden with your family or in a community garden

  • You can eat healthily by growing your own fruit and veg!

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