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45 people joined MOP for a heart- warming curry night at Reya.

Two weeks ago we held a fundraiser night at the Reya Tandoori restaurant in Leslie.


45 people gathered to support Muirhead - and of course to eat delicious food!

Kylie shared the following information with them:

"Part of the reason I think we are making such an impact these days is because we have a strong set of values and we work by them. 

The board of trustees choose a value each year to focus on - last year was connection and this year it’s been sustainability. 

The team help families through challenging times by supporting them to make sustainable changes."

Guests at the Reya that night included previous managers, the founder, previous support workers, current support workers, old trustees, new trustees, volunteers who have become staff, parents we supported and most recently - supported parents who have become support workers! 

What Kylie acknowledged is that everyone was there because the relationships that we have built are sustainable and without those we wouldn’t be able to help our families experience the same. 

She finished by saying "So here’s to the team who support families and those of you who support the team. We appreciate you all and we hope you enjoy your evening."

Kris later shared her experience with everyone and a recent achievement where a young person who was not attending school has returned and wants to be a support worker like her when they grow up! 

There were some scratch card raffle tickets where people had to choose a dog breed or a football team and if you picked the winning one you got a prize. Carolann was sitting at the lucky table with all 3 prizes going to her friends and family. 

The biggest thank you goes to the Reya who have supported us by running these nights for a long time now. If you are looking for somewhere local to enjoy Indian food out or a takeaway in the please get in touch with them. Find them on Facebook!

Kris told us "The evening was really well organised with the hosting restaurant and the fundraiser. There was a wonderful atmosphere of celebration for the good work Muirhead has done, and will do. We were very grateful to everyone who came and also took part in the fundraising activities.

It really was a pleasure to help host the event in such incredible company of founders, board members, families, staff and friends!

The level of care, dedication and empathy people have for the connections we make with families going through challenging times, was unanimously very positive! A truly remarkable community that ripples values, compassion and a real value for people."

We hope to have another one near the end of the year so keep your eyes peeled. Maybe bring your naan along! 

We raised over £320 to support us with our ongoing work. 

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