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#MHAW The steps for good mental health

Our support worker Kris, follows 5 ways to wellbeing to keep herself healthy and happy. In her spare time she loves getting involved with nature! Whether that’s taking the dog to the beach, star gazing, adventures or at home!

The sound of the waves on a stormy day almost quiets any inner turmoil and a mindful walk often rebalances and renews the inner balance.

On a sunny day, she feels getting knee deep in the cold waters is invigorating and refreshing too! Not to mention the treasure hunting with the kids or games with her Rescue Rottie! (She’s like a kangaroo on red bull when she is excited, you can’t not get involved with her enthusiasm!)

She also coaches her daughter’s football team and find that coaching helps in 5 key areas of mental health: Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character and Caring. (Conway et al 2015). Sports are a great way of practising resilience in a supportive environment, however involved you are or what level of performance.

She travels, when she can, to different places and loves finding and exploring new interesting locations and making memories together with her family.

Adventure is really good for improving mood. That release of endorphins can help to alleviate any difficult feelings of depression or anxiety by boosting your self-esteem. When we challenge ourselves to accomplish something we can also increase self-confidence which has a really important impact on our mental wellbeing.

The charity Mind suggests there are 5 ways to Wellbeing:

  • Connect

  • Get Active

  • Take Notice

  • Learn

  • Give.

For more information on these, visit their website:


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