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#MHAW The Music edition

One thing Carolann does for her mental health is to attend music gigs and festivals with her daughter and friends, she loves to sing along (badly!) and dance to the music.

The whole experience from getting ready to being present in the moment has a positive impact on her mental health and carries on for days afterwards. Music also plays a big part in Carolann’s life and you will generally hear the radio or playlist on wherever she is.

Research ahs shown that music can have a positive impact on people's lives. It can:

  • help heal trauma and build resilience

  • create connection

  • reduce stress, depression and anxiety

  • improve cognitive ability

  • help you sleep better

  • help with pain management

Often nowadays, musicians also help lift the stigma and taboo around poor mental health by being open with their own struggles. This starts a conversation and allows people to feel less isolated as they know they're not alone.

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