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Beneficiary 2023

Made us feel welcomed and part of the Muirhead community. Supported us to help our children overcome difficulties in their lives. Shown care and compassion when we have had issues which we have requested help with. Overall your input has greatly helped my own mental health and in turn allows me to help my children.

Beneficiary 2023

You have helped in many ways. Have helped to improve our confidence and self esteem as parents. Have helped us to overcome difficulties as a family. Have made us more open to speaking about our mental health and made us more helpful for the future.

Beneficiary 2023

Thank you for all the work MOP do for us and other families. It is really difficult to put into words how you help, but our confidence, mental health and communication has all improved with help from you. You make us feel cared about and supported and that really helps us especially when life feels tough.

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