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#Team Tuesdays! This week's training - Non-Violent Communication

This week, Kylie took us through the training of non-violent communication.

Team Tuesday’s at Muirhead, have been very productive. We recently undertook training in non-violent communication. Yes, we know all communication should be non-violent!

This training was facilitated by Kylie.  But is the work of Marshal Rosenberg. Nonviolent Communication (NVC) is an approach to enhanced communication, understanding, and connection based on the principles of nonviolence and humanistic psychology (

What we learnt is that by changing the way we communicate where we not only listen but listen with empathy and express our emotional needs, in a way that is less conflicting. The team really got stuck in and have been practicing with others.  We also feel that the principles in the training align with our values here at Muirhead Outreach Project.

I think what we really learnt is that it’s ok to communicate your needs and feelings without fear or offending or it escalates into an argument.  For anyone who has been through our foundation work you will know we are advocates of responding to feelings and emotions. We are going to continue with our practice and have a bit more of the training to complete an we will be looking at how we can incorporate transferring our knowledge into the foundation work so that these skills can be used by the families who need out support.

Can we then implement this into the foundation work? Do you have any thoughts? Leave them in the comments below.

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