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MOP's brand new caravan!

We were thrilled to host the grand opening of our new caravan at Pettycur Bay, last week. The views from the caravan across the Firth of Forth are breathtaking.

We have held a caravan at Pettycur Bay since 2009. In that time, approximately 1200 individuals, from our families have benefitted from a visit there, to improve their mental health. It is often the only break that some of their families get and for some, has been their first ever holiday.


Our caravan gives MOP families the chance to reconnect, relax and recharge. Having more opportunities to enjoy life leaves them feeling better supported with improved confidence.


The break gives parents an increased ability to cope and allows the family to have more positive experiences and remember that life is good. The MOP caravan allows families a holiday without parents having to worry about money and cost.

Breaks can play a vital preventive role, sustaining the family relationship and preventing stress, crisis and breakdown. This all leads to improved well-being and is good for overall health.


Families have said of the caravan:

“The caravan helps us get away from our daily struggles, even if it is just for a few days. We can’t afford to go on holidays so the caravan is a great holiday for us. It’s so peaceful and the view is just amazing. Without the caravan there would be no possibility to get a break from everything in life. I am a full time mum and student, I find my days full of stress and the caravan helped me focus on my child, spending quality time as a family.”


“For me and my family, having access to the caravan helped us in so many ways. This was my first time away with the kids alone. It actually gave me so much confidence in myself that I was actually able to do this on my own. It gave us a much needed bonding experience after such a difficult situation.”



Our new location is now at the other end of the site but the views are just as incredible. We're moving in to a brand new 2023 Victoria Stonewood, 6 berth caravan. As it has central heating, the caravan can now be used year-round, doubling the number of people that will benefit from its use.


The funding for the caravan was raised through a combination of community fundraising and grants from various Trusts and Foundations. Muirhead encouraged sponsorship at their inaugural Rainbow Run Glenrothes in 2023 and were thrilled to receive funding from SPIFOX (£35,000), The Robert Barr Charitable Trust (£15,000), The New Park Educational Trust (£5,000) and Dr Guthrie’s Association (£840). The National Lottery - Improving Lives fund, pays for the site fees annually.


Janine Norris, our Charity Development Officer said

“We’re so excited to be moving into the new caravan. It was challenging to raise the funds, on top of our annual budget, but we know what a huge benefit it is for the families, to have a break at Pettycur, so kept plugging away. We’re so grateful to everyone who garnered sponsorship and donated to us, especially to SPIFOX, Robert Barr, New Park and Dr Guthrie’s, for their generous grants.”

We were delighted to host our grand opening on the 28th June and welcome Dorothy, the founder of Muirhead, along with funders SPIFOX and Leviton's representative Paul Richardson, Deputy Lord-Lieutenant Jim Kinloch and councillor Peter Gulline. Robbie Preece was on hand to take photos of the event.

There was a fantastic buzz in the caravan. MOP had a wonderful chance to showcase our work and hearing Dorothy's stories of setting up the charity was inspiring. We were able to share our work and there was a chance for all the guests to mingle, chat and find out about each other. We're very grateful for all the support and the kind words about our charity.

The first family is set to stay in the caravan and we look forward to supporting many more families to visit, having new experiences and family bonding time.

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