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What to expect after being referred to Muirhead Outreach Project

Everyone goes through challenging times in life and many of us would benefit from the support of others as we work through it. This is what the Muirhead Outreach Project aims to do. Whether you have self-referred to the service or another organisation has submitted a referral on your behalf, here is what you can expect to happen next.  

When we receive the referral we will read through it and think of any extra information we would like to know or questions we might ask. If you self-referred we will give you a call (at a time that suits you) to explain more about our service and the way we work. The most important thing for people to understand is that we work with the family and help you to improve relationships and work through whatever difficulties you are experiencing. We are not a respite service.  

If your referral came from another organisation then again we will check that you understand how we work and that you are happy for the referral to be processed.  

We are a small team and it will either be the manager or one of the support workers who give you a call and arrange to come and meet with you in person. We call this the assessment but it is basically a chance for us to hear everything that is going on for you in order to decide how we can help or if we know another organisation who are better equipped to meet your needs. We know it can cause a bit of anxiety to have someone you don’t know come out to your house and ask you questions but we are sensitive to this and the more information you give us the better able we are to help.  

The team will then get together and ask ourselves some questions. Are we the best organisation to help your family? Which worker is the best match for the family? Are there any other organisations we think would be useful? Please note, we will never decline a referral without giving reasons or suggesting other services.  

Once the referral has been accepted you will be allocated a support worker who will take you through our 8 week programme. This takes place on a 1-1 basis in your own home, at a time that suits you and your support worker. After this we will meet again to re-evaluate and see what the next steps for you and your family are.  

We are an early intervention service which means that we are most successful when a family is referred to us before there is a crisis. Please don’t worry about asking for help. We have all needed support to get us to where we are now.  


"Healing takes time and asking for help is a courageous step" (Mariska Hargity)

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