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Mental Health Awareness Week

As it's #MHAW, we asked our team to share what they do to maintain positive mental health.

Up first is Shannon, our service manager.

Shannon does many things to help maintain good mental health, including going to the gym, cooking and mindfulness and meditation. However, walking has always been one of her go to’s, not only is it free but allows her to clear her head. Since having Dennis the dog,  walks are part of her daily routine, not to mention the endless patting and cuddles.  


Research suggests that pets are good for humans’ health and studies carried out have found that dogs in particular can help reduce stress, anxiety and depression, and improve our physical health. Simply petting your dog can make you feel good.

Shannon and Dennis can often be seen gazing into each others eyes, and know we know that this is the reason why Shannon is always in such a good mood. Because simply by gazing into your dog’s eyes can release a feel good hormone called oxytocin,  in both humans and dogs. Petting a dog can help release endorphins which supress our stress hormone, cortisol.  

Shannon thinks the team will all agree we are all much happier and stress free when Dennis is around.   He can certainly give us a lot of entertainment with his mischievous ways! But most importantly he is always up for a good cuddle.

Share with us what you do to keep your mental state healthy.

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